Our years in the home security field have given the ALPS team a unique perspective and exposure to the very things clients need to feel secure about! As our security system installation expertise has grown, so too has our knowledge of the various media systems that can also be installed in your home. ALPS offers an array of home theatre installation services to make your house the home of your dreams.

Home theatre systems allow you to enjoy the excitement of the movies in the comfort of your own home. Whether you would like our consultants to optimize an already existing system, or completely install a dedicated theatre room, ALPS has the skills to meet your needs. Our consultants will provide a professional assessment of your space and equipment, and suggest the optimal installation based on your requirements.

When you are a music lover, it can be frustrating to only have access to your music in one room, or to only be able to listen from across the house while you work. ALPS offers a solution: fully-integrated speakers and controls throughout your home. From a panel not much bigger than a light switch, you can control your music from anywhere in the house. As part of our ongoing commitment to tailoring our services to your needs, ALPS offers a range of control systems, from a simple volume dial in each room, to a touch pad that can change discs or radio stations, mutes when the doorbell or telephone rings, and much more. Speakers can be tastefully incorporated into each room, making your access to the music you love both easier and unobtrusive.

It is only a matter of time before the "Smart Home" becomes standard in all houses. Why not get a jump on the future? At ALPS, our consultants can offer a variety of suggestions as to how to integrate all the systems in your home for maximum convenience. Imagine being able to finish the film you started in the home theatre in the basement on your laptop while in bed. Or being able to check in on the kids while you're watching television in the living room. Tired of the movie you're watching? An integrated home system would allow you to seamlessly switch to your favourite talk radio station. When family comes over, show them pictures of the kids in the comfort of the theatre room. With an ALPS home integration system, all this and more is possible.

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