ALPS offers commercial clients a wide spectrum of security services. Whether you are a large-scale or small-scale operation, we are committed to offering custom systems that meet your specific requirements. Commercial installations range from small surveillance systems to large, fully integrated security systems, which can incorporate covert and remotely accessible camera systems. We also offer security guards for asset security and special events, as well as new employee background checks. Whatever your security needs, ALPS can help.

Loss Prevention
ALPS provides our customers with knowledge, services, and skills to prevent crime from affecting your business. We employ secret shoppers and floorwalkers who can take care of dangerous or uncomfortable situations, liaising with the police in the apprehension of thieves. We also offer custom analysis of areas in which you can improve your services by implementing risk analysis measures.

Installation and Service
ALPS understands the growing concerns around safety and security in the home. We offer full consultation services on all aspects of home security, and focus specifically on home camera systems. ALPS professionals can recommend where to position cameras, outside or inside, and set up the system so it can be monitored from your television or even from your work computer. For an added level of protection, all camera feeds are recorded, and our experts can recommend an alarm system that fits your needs.

Features and benefits
While we all wish we lived in a world of trustworthy people, ALPS understands that many times, this is not the case. A home surveillance system allows you to see who is at your front door when a knock comes unexpectedly, or enables you to keep an eye on your infants while they sleep. If you are concerned about the people who work inside your home while you are at the office, be they cleaning staff or nannies, a camera system that is viewable from your office computer provides an added level of transparency, and provides you with peace of mind. We have plenty to worry about in our work environments without constantly wondering what's going on at home. ALPS camera systems remove this worry, and let you get on with your day.

ALPS offers professional security guard services to keep your employees, customers, and assets safe. As with all our security services, we will suit the guard to the situation and with the wide range of security knowledge and interpersonal skills available to our guards, you are sure to have the right person for the job. ALPS offers both uniformed and "Black Tie" guards to suit your security needs.

Selection Process
We always strive to hire employees with experience and focus on suitability and language competence. English language competency is necessary as most of our guards deal with the general public; however, we consider the ability of a candidate to speak more than one language to be an advantage.

Our guards are recruited based on alignment with individual client needs and we work hard to ensure there is a good fit between our client and our employee. Our focus remains firmly on ensuring good relationships with our clients and ensuring our employees are supported and motivated to succeed.

Upon being hired, guards are instructed in ALPS's general requirements for employees, and are given instruction in reporting procedures and completion of daily duties.
Before arriving onsite, guards are made aware that there will be different security requirements depending on the specific location and company for whom they will be working. Alberta Labour Standards are also a part of our training, with regards to compulsory breaks and site specific requirements.

New guards are met by a senior management supervisor on their first shift who oversees training, and then continues to visit the guard over the course of the next week to assess suitability and any problems that may arise. Regular supervisory visits continue, regardless of how long the guard has been employed at a particular site.

ALPS offers certification and re-certification in first aid to all our guards.

Special Events
Some events call for special security requirements for which a system or security guard are inadequate. ALPS offers custom security for a wide range of special events, from sporting events to political conventions. As with our commercial and residential services, we are committed to providing security suited to the needs of your event, regardless of size or scope.

Security Investigations
ALPS recognizes that, regardless of how careful your hiring practices may be, sometimes an employee becomes a liability. Early warning, through a personal background check, can prevent such a situation, but when a security situation involves an individual already employed by the company, ALPS has the resources to assist you in solving the problem. We have a wide range of security techniques, from undercover operatives to hidden cameras that can uncover the source of a problem in your employee pool. Having discovered such a problem, we can also provide suggestions as to how such a situation can be avoided in future.

Executive/VIP protection
ALPS understands that for some clients a simple security guard does not suffice. In these cases, we offer customized security services for private and public clients whose security needs are unique. ALPS is discrete and professional, and with our vast range of knowledge and expertise, we can provide the close protection services required by clients with uncommon security concerns.

Security Consulting and Risk Assessment
Risk assessment is a vital step in making sure your business is secure. ALPS's security consulting professionals are ready to help you understand security problems of which your business may be at risk, and to help you plan ways of preventing these problems. Taking into account all of the variables of your particular business (location, employees, assets), our risk assessment team can advise you on the types and scopes of security systems that would best benefit your situation.

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